The begining

Inspired by the empowerment of young modern middle eastern women, MARGENI is a Cairo based, female lead company that develops cocktail and evening garments locally.

With a brand aesthetic derived from the appreciation of nature, we in practice embrace all aspects real, feminine and strong about women. We fashion innovative garments to suite women’s diverse body figures, offering clients a seamless shopping experience.   

The company offers attainable luxury products, with a good value for money strategy. All garments are produced in excellent standards, at a company managed workshop, offering handmade non-mass produced garments. 

The Founders

The company was co-founded by Mariam Zeinhom and Yevgeniya RB in January 2019.The founders met at a Yevgeniya's pattern making class, and with their shared love of creative design, the partnership began after the two collaborated to design Mariam's wedding dress.